Thai massage or simply Thai massage is a traditional treatment that combines a variety of Indian Ayurvedic techniques, acupressure and basic hatha yoga exercises. The Shen-lines concept that is the basis of it which is also known as Thai yoga energy lines was discovered first used by Ayurveda according to the ancient concept of Gorakhnath from India. They're extremely similar to data, and are based on the ancient yoga philosophy. Yoga was first practiced in India. But, it was brought to Southeast Asia where it is becoming a prominent component of spas everywhere. Its popularity in Thailand could be due to the fact that it's affordable, yet it provides great advantages because of the distinctive mix of therapeutic. There are only a handful of risk when using it with other forms of massage therapy.

There are numerous benefits of Thai massage. Its benefits are result of stretching muscles, which is similar to the stretching of the muscle hamstrings that occur during the hatha yoga exercise. The flexibility is significantly improved through this type of stretching. If muscles are stretched, blood circulation improves, making your body feel healthier as a entire. That's why Thai massage is mostly recommended to those who want to lose weight.

Another advantage of Thai massage is that it boosts the flow of energy. Massages in Thailand stimulate energy flow that in turn provides more nutrients and oxygen to cells. It is believed that Thai massages provide a alternatives to modern therapies. If that is the case then it's remarkable that this therapeutic technique has been practised for more than 2,500 years.

The research has shown that the traditional Thai massage is helpful to pregnant women as well as breastfeeding mothers. But, the strongest evidence to show that this massage is helpful for the entire body is the result of a study conducted in Finland. A group of pregnant women received a mix of traditional Thai massage and Swedish massages every two weeks for about four months. In this period, there were significant improvements in the levels of hormones in ladies who were treated to the treatment.

Thai massage can help boost the performance of athletes. Participants in the study included track and field players. They had to perform sprints, long distance bicycle rides, and sit ups. Those who had the Thai massage done on a daily basis experienced a significant improvement in their muscular strength, speed, and endurance. The Swedish massage was performed weekly and resulted in improvements in coordination, balance, the flexibility of muscles, as well as flexibility.

The mind is also altered by Thai massage. In a new study by the University of California at Davis, researchers found that college students who were offered Thai massage during classes enhanced their ability to concentrate and remain focused. They also saw significant improvement in their verbal and mental abilities. Students who were treated to Swedish massage therapy done on a daily basis saw significant improvement in confidence levels. This is possibly due to the fact that yoga-inspired stretching as well as holding poses within Thai massage therapy creates feelings of relaxation that improves the individual's mood.

Researchers from John Hopkins University found that Thai Massage may be beneficial for those suffering from back pain. The most notable benefit could be observed in people who suffered from persistent lower back pain. The study found the chronic lower back pain sufferers had pain relief after receiving a specific kind of Thai massage for five to 12 months. The researchers found that the participants who took part in the treatment were not able to move their legs, but they were able to sit up. The subjects who had had a history of back pain had the same degrees of pain post treatment.

Researchers from the University of California, Davis found that Thai massage can relieve tension headaches as part of a study. The study found that tradition-based Thai massages had beneficial effects on people's moods overall well-being, and sleep routines. A better sleep quality could help to reduce the number of headaches caused by tension that a person has. The massage increased participants' performance levels.