Thai massage, also known as Thai massage is an ancient therapy that combines Ayurvedic principles, acupressure, and yoga postures guided by acupressure. The first Thai massage that incorporated the Shen line energy-races or the Shen line was called "Thai Massage". They are similar to nadis, according to the philosophies of yoga in the west. Later, energy-races were used to enhance Western massage therapies like shiatsu, shiatsu, and other holistic treatments.

Researchers from Thailand massage discovered that people who had greater flexibility and lower pain saw an improvement in their physical well-being. There are a few limitations of Thai massage such as its effectiveness for certain conditions, like chronic back pain. However, the recent studies show that it is efficient in reducing pain and improves general flexibility of all patients. A group of young men received a variety of massage treatments over five days. Researchers noticed that participants were able to experience significant pain relief as well as improvements in mobility and flexibility and also relief from stress.

Another study by the same researchers concluded that Thai massage is effective in treating headaches, specifically tension headaches and migraine. The study included two groups of participants. One group received the traditional Thai massage and the other given a placebo. Those who were treated with traditional Thai massage had significantly less the severity and frequency of headaches when compared with those who did receive it. Researchers concluded that this kind of massage could help reduce headaches and tension.

The scientists also conducted another study wherein they compared those who were prescribed chronic pain medications with those who were given Thai massage. The Thai massage was given to those who suffered from chronic back pain as well as those who did not receive any prescriptions. Patients who were suffering from pain were significantly relieved of the pain that they felt during the massage treatments. The people who suffered from muscles pain also experienced a significant reduction in the muscle pain they felt through the treatments.

Another study that looked at Thai massage and stress concluded that Thai massage is effective in reducing stress hormones. Researchers found that participants who received Thai massage therapies had lower levels of cortisol than those who did not receive any massage treatment. The participants also had less anxiety and depression. Participants were able to lessen or eliminate stress that is connected to various health issues.

Thai massage can be used to help relieve muscle spasms. Spasms are known to be an issue that is common to people who experience frequent bodyaches. Through the stretching and pulling of the muscles, tension is released and these discomforts can eventually be relieved. Some of the most commonly used Thai massage techniques include the petrissage technique or petrissage, which involves rolling on the muscles affected and cupping, kneading, pushing feet and hands as well as friction and rubbing, feathering and tapping. These techniques are used to reduce tightness and spasms.

Another study has shown that Thai massage is effective in strengthening muscles. It was found that there is a significant improvement in the flexibility of muscles that are stimulated through Thai massage. This is among the advantages of the traditional Thai massage as opposed to the Western style of massage that uses rolling or tapping. The ability to relax your mind is an additional benefit of Thai massage. It is particularly beneficial to people who are going through stressful situations like interviewing for jobs, financial issues and relationships, divorce, family conflicts or other similar issues. A person who experiences stress and finds relief from this kind of massage is better able to concentrate on the positive things that the person needs to focus on.

Thai massage can provide many benefits that go beyond the physical. Some Thai massage techniques can be used to alleviate emotional suffering and pain. 논현동출장마사지 The American Heart Association and World Health Organization have both endorsed traditional Thai treatment as a means to accomplish these goals. With all these advantages it is no reason to not give it a try.