Tryba architects has been charged with designing and conceiving the Origin Hotels, an advanced hospitality brand dedicated to offering premium, location-based services, interiors and amenities with each featuring unique place-specific facilities. The brand's theories and offerings aim at establishing a distinctive place in the hospitality industry by creating an atmosphere that is comfortable and inviting for guests. Additionally, it offers a selection of guestrooms which are designed to meet guests' varied needs and requirements. The hotel brands offer a myriad of hotel rooms that include exceptional features and amenities. The brand promises complete customer satisfaction ranging from value-added solutions, personalized service to unparalleled comfort.

The hotel brand began as a French Hostel in 1990. The name originates from the"Origins" section of the hotel which contains a little shop where you are able to buy items and souvenirs. The shop also serves as the"arts & crafts" department. This department caters to the specific requirements of the numerous guest classes. The hotel boasts of a large selection of art works ranging from contemporary art to classical and traditional French art.

The Old French Style is one of the popular attractions of this brand. The design concepts employed by the newest stem from the beauty of old French buildings with their quaint character. They also reflect the soul of France, which is a combination of chic and traditional urban design. Some of the famous attractions include: The Musee des Beaux-arts, the Picasso Museum, the Musee Thomas Henry, the Opera House and the Chateau de Versailles. These scenic attractions add to the Old French style attraction that has won the hearts of people.

Another important aspect of the hotel is its location. The location of the hotel is such that it's suitable for all sections of society irrespective of their age, social status and livelihood. The hotel is situated at an optimum position in the town and easy to access by all means, be it by road, air or metro. Other attractions nearby are the Parc des Sacrements, Place du Midi and the Location d'azesieu.

A stay at this hotel would provide a variety of services beyond the basic amenities that the hotel provides. Some of the special offerings include the services of a spa and a fitness centre; the assistance of a salon; and a restaurant with international cuisine. The hotel also provides a bar that caters to different interests. These amenities make the Old French style a perfect selection for any business traveler.

The resort has four restaurants that serve continental, French and American cuisines. The restaurants have wood fired pizza ovens. 영등포op Guests can select their choice of meat, vegetable or sandwich. The hotel even offers specialty stores and gift shops. Guests may pick up fresh breads, fresh juice and water.

Rooms in the hotel offer excellent views of the city and the ocean. They have king size beds, soft beds, and comfortable sofas. The hotel services use the latest technology to give comfort. Some of those features include: LCD televisions, mini kitchenette, wireless internet, safety box, direct dial telephones, fax, iPod hook-up, safe deposit box, foreign currency exchange, gym membership, business center, babysitting, conference room, whirlpool, conference call, 24 hour front desk, high speed Internet, telephone, mini refrigerator, gym memberships, cable television, free coffee and tea, dry cleaning, daily housekeeping, delivery services, airport shuttle, pet day care and more.

For those who have a business trip to Paris then you'll find this hotel as one of your best choices. It has everything you need to perform a successful business trip such as room service, continental breakfast, business meeting facilities, air conditioning, health club membership, higher speed Internet, telephone, laundry, health club member, cable television, babysitting, conference call, gym membership, full transport, health club membership, daily housekeeping, delivery services and much more. All of the rooms in this hotel have a view of the Eiffel Tower. You can book your hotel online through its website.